Cotton Express Cotton Pickers


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Automatic height sensing system

Thanks to the automatic height sensing system used in the Case IH Cotton Express, row units follow the surface of the field at the adjusted height and successfully picks the cotton at the lowest parts of the plant. When there is an obstacle, related units may be lifted temporarily and after the obstacle is negotiated, these go back to their row height position. Row unit cabs of fully-welded manufacturing and picking drums that are driven completely by gears are reliable, long-lasting and require minimum maintenance.

Ergonomic controls

All controls can be found on the console that is located on the right of the operator’s seat. This console is integrated to and moves together with the seat. Multi-function control lever, three-level hand throttle, controls regarding moistening, compaction and unloading and all other controls are located on this console. Hydraulic locking switch on the control console locks the hydraulic systems of the row units and basket controls when the cotton picker is in the road condition. Therefore, accidental move of row units and basket while the picker is in the road condition is prevented.

Powerful and economical engine

Case IH Cotton Express 420 is equipped with a 6-cylinder, 8.3L Cummins engine. Featuring a common-rail fuel injection system and a Turbo- Aftercooler, this engine produces 275 hp power under 2200 rpm. It provides low fuel consumption and the highest performance under the harshest field conditions. Case IH Cotton Express 630 cotton pickers are powered by a 8.7 litre, 6-cylinder turbocharged FPT engine producing an impressive power output of 373hp. To minimise fuel stops, models are equipped with a 757 litre fuel tank which will easily meet the day’s operating requirements without needing to be filled.